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Scott & Fyfe Services

Scott & Fyfe specialise in the design and manufacture of a multitude of technical textiles, material and turnkey solutions.

With a culture of innovation at the core of our employee owned business along with years of experience in the textile industry, we have developed a range of solutions that add significant value throughout a host of manufacturing processes and delivered services.

Textile Services & Turnkey Solutions

We understand that in a highly competitive market low-cost, quick-to-market products and solutions are essential. That is why we have developed a range of sourcing options that can offer material cost savings in a number of areas.

Our global network of agents, distributors, manufacturers and developers are complimented by a number of direct trading partners in strategically attractive markets.

  • Lowest cost solutions
  • More variants and options
  • High quality supply
  • International trading expertise
  • Tiered pricing offers
  • Faster product development

From operations in the UK and China, our expertise lies in printing products designed to exceed customers’ process and performance demands.

To ensure a perfect match of delivery against our customers’ expectations, we have developed a high quality, robust supply
chain that delivers superior results at dramatically reduced pricing.

  • Widths – up to 4300mm
  • Inks – aqueous based environmentally friendly
  • Capacity – multiple machines and various substrates
  • Speeds up to 140m/min
    Colours – full range

Our creping facility offers a range of solutions for a multitude of applications. With the end user in mind, we have developed a

range of processes and equipment compatible with end market needs.

  • Widths from 1450mm to 4300mm
  • Speeds up to 140m/min
  • Intensity variable up to 50%
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Multitude of substrates including foil, non-woven and paper

We understand that the nature of services and the pace of change has shifted dramatically in recent years, and that mastering the traditional aspects of service delivery is no longer enough.

To seize these opportunities, we continue to learn and form collaborative partnerships to tap into the potential for service innovation.

  • 2 way education encouraged
  • Personalise customer experiences
  • Institutionalise service innovation
  • IN Commercial scoring systems
  • Innovate to simplify service delivery
  • Data capture and analytics used

With years of experience in supplying coated and laminated textiles, we understand the processes and materials employed and have developed our range of solutions to complement and assist processes and products across a range of industries.

  • Speeds up to 120m/min
  • Coating weight up to 500gsm
    In-line laminating services
  • Capacity – multiple machines, range of substrates
  • Finished coating widths up to 2500mm
    Capacity for 150M m2 per year
  • Polymers – including LLDPE, PP, PE. PVA and Copolymers EVA, EBA, EAA

As a worldwide provider of slitting services, we realise the importance of delivering accurate, clean slitting services that are logistically compatible with our customers demand profiles.

Our state-of-the-art slitting facility delivers high quality products on a just-in-time basis.  

  • Slitting speeds up to 100m/min
    KANBAN replenishment
  • Core sizes from 76mm or 102mm
  • Crush, fixed or rotary cutting options available
  • Lengths ->1000lm
    Multitude of substrates
  • Consignment stock
    Just-in-time delivery

Our product development process is based on the Design Council’s Double Diamond model. This drives an idea all the way from initial field research, development and testing to successful launch in as quick a timeframe as possible at the lowest commercially feasible cost practicable.

It is this approach we use when working with our customers and with other organisations interested in learning new product development techniques.

  • Rapid prototyping available
  • Design based innovation tools used
  • Large network of collaborative partners
  • Fail fast approach adopted
  • Service Innovation
    Workshops held within Innovation Space

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