Employee Ownership

An employee owned company

Employee Ownership

Empowering Employees with Control

Employee Ownership places the reins of control in the hands of those who understand the company best: its employees! In December 2012, our organization underwent a significant transformation, transitioning from fourth-generation family ownership to becoming a fully employee-owned enterprise. This marks a new era, where both our employees and the Tayport community stand to gain substantial benefits. Our Employee Ownership philosophy revolves around a united ethos, where we function as a cohesive team with a singular objective and vision – to construct a secure future for all stakeholders.
Information is shared openly with our entire team, providing them with an increased say in the company’s future, as it is now exclusively owned by current employees, either directly or indirectly through the Employee Benefits Trust. Each employee is afforded the opportunity to invest in the company, thereby enjoying the fruits of the company’s prosperity and establishing a vested interest tied to their own future.
Empowering existing management and employees to hold shares in the company not only ensures that control remains in the hands of those who possess unparalleled insight but also secures their unwavering commitment to its success. Every mistake, inefficiency, and loss affects us collectively, just as every victory, achievement, and enhancement benefits us all.
This transition is pivotal in reaffirming our dedication to involving employees in the innovation process, fostering their ongoing interest, motivation, and forward-thinking perspective.

Employee Elected Trustees

Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) Trustees, bound by the same legal obligations as other trustees of the Employee Benefit Trust, were voted onto the Trust and may each serve for up to three terms of two years. Given that the Employee Benefit Trust will always control the ownership of the company, such representation (out of a total of seven trustees) is critical.

Employee Director

An employee director, bound by the same legal obligations as any other director, was voted onto the board when we became employee owned. This employee elected director is actively involved in all board decisions and is consulted widely by all employees. The employee director is elected or re-elected every two years.