PolyknitEasyflow A

A warp knitted polypropylene fabric offering excellent flow media properties for advanced composite fabrication technologies including resin infusion and transfer moulding processes.

The knitted structure facilitates resin-flow and can be used selectively to increase resin flow to certain parts of the mould and increase the speed with which the laminate infuses.

Polyknit Easyflow is ideal for anything from small parts up to and including large parts like full vehicle panels or wind turbine blades.

Technical Information

  • Fabric weights: 75g/m2, 100g/m2 and 140g/m2
  • Fabric widths: 1000mm - 3000mm
  • Other weights available upon request


  • Automotive parts
  • Wind turbine blades
  • Wind turbine nacelles
  • Boat hulls

Benefits from using Polyknit Easyflow

  • Excellent conformability, even for complex or high drape parts
  • Uniform knitted structure encourages even resin distribution
  • Excellent resin wet out
  • Excellent mechanical properties
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