A composite is a product comprising of different layers of materials within one finished structure. Scott & Fyfe specialise in the manufacture and production of fabrics using glass, carbon, aramid and other high performance fibres. These are predominantly used for the reinforcement of composite structures.

Serving a diverse range of markets including automotive, marine, construction, aerospace, sports and leisure, we have developed a range of products that meet the varied needs of these market areas.

Our composite materials are used in the production of a number of end products including motorcycle helmets, bus interiors, yacht hulls, water slides, doors, pipes, car interior panels, truck wind deflectors and caravans. With over 70% of our composites sales now coming from export, and serving customers in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia, our business is truly international.


At Scott & Fyfe we have an Ideation POD. This POD allows new ideas to be explored, nurtured and developed. Our team have an extensive range of knowledge and skills, built up from years of experience and diversity of backgrounds which acts as an ideal platform for new product innovation.

Design led innovation is important for our future and is core to the business. Design touches everything we do from order templates and systems through to engineering, machinery and product prototypes. We develop new products with design at the heart of them. Design and innovation helps us to reinvent ourselves and continue to move with the times.

Scott & Fyfe are keen to invest in areas where design is valued and where ideas can be born. Having control over design allows innovative and attractive product solutions to be developed.

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With innovation, diversity and partnership at the heart of our company’s ethos, Scott & Fyfe have been designing and producing a vast range of technical textiles for numerous market areas worldwide for almost 150 years. Our ability to design and manufacture products for both current and future market needs have allowed us to build a global reputation for excellence in both quality and service.

Scott & Fyfe
Tayport Works, Links Road, Tayport, Fife, Scotland

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