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Written by Michael Harrison

I am excited to be writing my first blog post for S&F covering the Advanced Engineering Show which was held in Birmingham 2 weeks ago. To introduce myself briefly my name is Michael Harrison and I have very recently begun working at Scott & Fyfe as business development executive within the Composites POD. I started working for S&F on the 20th October 2015 and exhibiting at the Advanced Engineering Show was really my first task with the company.



Some background to me would be that I am married with 2 boys, Scott and Jordan who are aged 23 & 18. Scott is an accountant and Jordan has just started university and will be doing an MSc in sports science. Previous to working at S&F I worked for companies including Fothergill & Harveys and Courtaulds Aerospace when they took them over and most recently BW Fiberglass.


During my 26 years at Fothergill & Harvey’s (now known as Fothergill Engineered Fabric) I began work as a labourer before progressing to a machine operative. At this point the company was taken over by Courtaulds Aerospace who put me through university where I gained a 2-1 in operational management. After this I was then put through the mill spending 12 months in every department gaining a full understanding of how things worked. This was a fantastic learning experience. After completing this I realised I felt most comfortable in a sales role but due to problems in the manufacturing side of the business it was best placed for the company that I take on the position of operations manager. I left there in 2005 to gain more knowledge within the technical fabrics industry and worked in sales positions for various companies involved in the textiles / composite industry with a focus on the aerospace, automotive and marine markets. My last role was with BW Fiberglass who are based in North Carolina.


Mike Harrison


First Impressions

On visiting Scott & Fyfe for the first time I thought that the Innovation Space and PODS were fantastic and could see how this would be a massive benefit to the running of a company. I was also very interested in the fact that Scott & Fyfe are an Employee Owned company, a first for me.


Getting Started

I exhibited at the Advanced Engineering Show 2015 on behalf of S&F with Paul McMullan, Composites Director and Michaela Millar, Business Development Officer.  It was the first time in a long time that Scott & Fyfe had held their own stand here so was interesting for all 3 of us.


The Advanced Engineering Show is one of the largest meetings in the UK for the engineering supply chain with a large segment focussed specifically on the composites market. The 2 day show has grown significantly year on year and is a great exhibition to meet the key players in the UK market, although the show now seems to be attracting more and more international visitors.


Setting up our exhibition stand was definitely an experience as all was going well until we tried to stick the boards and frames onto the panels only to realise our tape would not adhere to the thin boards. Finally we succeeded (after an emergency trip to B&Q) and we left at around 8pm very hungry.


Day One

Day one of the show was fantastic. Our stand was busy for the entire day and we had plenty of meetings with potential customers and partners at the stand. It was also a great opportunity for us to catch up with our existing customers and suppliers.


Over the course of the day we had lots of interest in our standard Polymat range of glass chopped strand mat sandwich materials including the new addition to this, Polymat FR an all glass variant. Other products from our portfolio such as Polyform WR our range of plain weave and twill woven glass fabrics were also well received. However, Polyform CSM, Scott & Fyfe’s new chopped strand mat materials was the most well received of the day.


All in all, it was a great day and whilst it left us extremely tired, we were all looking forward to day two!


Day Two

Day two began a little slower in comparison but by lunchtime the show picked up and we were exceptionally busy on the stand.  This carried on until the very close which was unusual but welcome and again we earnt plenty of good enquires. Another new product again received a great deal of interest and this was Polyrov, the new range of direct roving’s and spray up roving’s Scott & Fyfe are offering to the composites market.


Back to the office

Now that the exhibition is over the hard work really starts, to carry on with the conversations started and to follow up with the new contacts.


On behalf of the Composite team I would like to thank each and every person who came by our stand at the show. It was fantastic meeting so many enthusiastic people and learning, as always, that little bit more about the composites industry.


It was also a great and full on induction to Scott & Fyfe!


If you didn't get a chance to meet us there feel free to get in touch! All of our details can be found on our website 



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Written by Michaela Millar



Scott & Fyfe are pleased to announce that they have become a member of the Composites UK trade association.  The decision was simple to make as Composites UK play an integral role in the UK composite industry.


Paul McMullan, Composite Director explains that the decision to join was “due to a desire to play a more active role in shaping the future of composite materials both within the UK and on a more global platform. As a company committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries of composite technology, we felt it important to be connected to the UK trade association for composites so that we can positively influence the strategic direction of research and government support to UK SME’s within the Composite sector.”


The decision ties in with the ambitious plans of Scott & Fyfe to further grow their technical textile business within sectors including Automotive, Mass Transit, Construction, Marine, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy. Membership also provides an ideal opportunity to network and engage with like-minded and ambitious UK companies.


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Scott & Fyfe became a member during the run up to the recent Composites UK event, "Supporting Composite Industry Growth in the UK" - an event hosted by Scott & Fyfe within their Innovation Space. The event was a real success, providing a great opportunity to meet new contacts who are involved within the composite industry throughout Scotland. 




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The Pipe Fabric Technology (PFT) POD recently took part in the Oil and Gas Technology Road show. The road show took place on a unique exhibition vehicle that travelled to a different Oil and Gas company every day around Aberdeen and Glasgow. Scott & Fyfe was one of 18 companies to exhibit on this road show that took place from 2nd June to 19th June.




During this time companies including The Wood Group, Technip, Weatherford, FMC Technologies and One Subsea to name a few were visited. Over 500 key personnel from these companies visited the moving exhibition and Scott & Fyfe have received a great amount of interest from people in relation to our new pipe relining and repair products including the newly launched Alphashield.


This was a great and unique experience and is the first time S&F has ever exhibited on a roadshow. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited the stand over the 3 weeks and for their interest in our products.


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Written by John Lupton

Scott & Fyfe is happy to have celebrated its second Employee Ownership Day. A day dedicated to celebrate the significant benefits employee ownership delivers to the UK economy as set up by the Employee Ownership Association in 2013.


To celebrate this day, we asked our new employees exactly what joining Scott & Fyfe as an Employee Owned company means for them, as they are the first employees to join the company since we made the transition. It has been great as a company to have so many new faces join us and shows the progress we are making. We all appreciate the great work that they are doing.


To mark the day, we also held a coffee morning for all employees within the Innovation Space with bacon rolls for all. The POD leaders remained in their PODS and provided presentations to anyone interested to share what they are working on, on a day-to-day basis.


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Jason Argo

"Joining an employee owned company is refreshing. Compared to other companies Scott & Fyfe enable all employees to speak their minds. Everyone has a can do attitude that is driven by the fact that they all are considered equal. You aren't just another number."


David Greig

"Employee Ownership is a great thing to be a part of because it not only ensures that the company is run by people who know the business but it also means that we are all committed to its future and success."


Liz Nisbet

"I joined Scott & Fyfe as an employee owned company believing that all employees would have a personal interest in making the company successful as our efforts will be rewarded. We all have the same goal and if our company grows we will reap the benefits."


Scott Shields

"Joining the Employee Owned company, I was met with a warm welcome and friendly, helpful people."


Lewis McGonigle

"I have found joining and fitting in at Scott & Fyfe remarkably easy as everyone has been welcoming. As Scott & Fyfe is integral within the Tayport community it has been a pleasure becoming part of the Employee Owned team."


Chris Williams

"I was very interested in employee ownership before I started here, wondering what the differences would be. I think the effect is subtle and not always obvious. Most people feel employee ownership could be a useful force for the company. I'm quite excited at the prospect of buying shares and working with everyone to improve the company, there's a great foundation here to build on."


Greig Noble

"I came to Scott & Fyfe having never worked for an Employee Owned Company before and saw a real difference in the amount of information shared with employees about the company's performance."


Felipe Vergera

"Scott & Fyfe has taught me that employee ownership is a learning process, which involves a huge behavioural change. It is not simply acquiring shares and becoming an owner of a piece of the company but it is also a process of understanding my responsibilities as a shareholder. For me this means:


  • Judging my own work and my colleague’s work for improvements
  • Gaining a voice in key decision-making
  • Having the ability to plan and action changes or opportunities to improve"


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