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Written by Michaela Millar


As an employee owned company our employees are at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, each Wednesday over a 12 week period we are sharing interviews with our employee owners.  Now in the last 4 of our employee profiles, I am happy to introduce Jim Fenton who took the time out of his busy schedule to tell us about the work he does.


Tell us a little about yourself and what you do in the company?

Hello, my name is Jim Fenton and I have been at Scott & Fyfe for 21 years. My main role is as a machine operator in the Composites Department where we produce knitted and stitch bonded reinforcement materials for the composite industry. I mainly run our warp knitting machines producing the core fabrics for our Polymat product range and other knitted fabrics which are used for pipe rehabilitation and in the automotive industry for example.


I also have a position on our employee forum where I am one of an elected group of employees who are there, in my mind, as the voice of the employees which is important to us as an employee owned company. Alongside this, I am also Chair of our Health and Safety Committee and in this position it is my job to ensure there are measures in place to keep everyone safe and to find solutions if a risk or hazard arises.


Have you seen many great changes during your 21 years at Scott and Fyfe?

The company becoming employee owned a few years ago was a big change for the company. It was a little rough to start with and we were unsure what it meant for us but as time is progressing we are becoming surer. Everyone has an equal say within the company and we believe that there is no question or idea too silly to be discussed.

Over the years I have also seen our workforce change significantly alongside the markets we supply to and the products that we produce. I believe over the years our employees have become more motivated in the work they are producing.


What has been your most memorable moment during Scott and Fyfe?

Ironically, even though I am a member of the Response Team a group that deals with first aid in the company I have been in more scrapes than most of our employees put together. An example would be the time I impaled myself with a metal threading hook. Of course, I had to go to the hospital to have this removed and when they asked me what happened I showed them, pushing the hook further into my own chest…


There was also a time many years ago that a ball bearing on our machine broke scattering the pieces everywhere. I spent hours on my hand and knees using a magnet to try and find them all and when I did, my colleague Peter Thomson told me there were 2 missing and let me spend hours more searching only to tell me he was joking and that I had found them all!






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Written by Michaela Millar

As an employee owned company, our employees are at the heart of everything that we do. Therefore, each Wednesday over a 12 week period we are sharing interviews with our employee owners. Now in the 9th of our Meet the Owner Profiles, meet our employee owner Jim Watt.


Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Jim and I currently work in our Weaving department, running the flat weaving looms and carrying out maintenance of the looms when required.

I have been working here for over 26 years in 5 different roles. I joined the company at 22 as a van driver before beginning to work in different areas of the Weaving department including oiling, re rolling and now, weaving product. For a period of time I also work in the Quality Laboratory as a Quality Technician, testing our products to ensure they were consistently meeting customer standards.  I can honestly say I have enjoyed all aspects of the roles.


What are the main changes you have seen during your 26 years at Scott and Fyfe?

Until roughly 10 years ago there were very few new employees joining the company but in the past 10 years I have seen a lot of new and fresh faces joining us. Overall, I think there is a much more positive attitude across the company too.


Is there anything interesting about yourself others may not know?

I am really into baking and won the Scott & Fyfe charity “bake off” in 2014 which was a bit of fun. Occasionally I bring in sample baking for my colleagues who constantly chase me for more.


I have also been employee of the month in the past year for going the extra mile for the company, working extra hours where possible and coming in at weekends to help out where it was needed. I am always more than happy to do this without any type of reward because after all we are employee owned so every little helps.


Is there any stand out or memorable moments for you?

There are a few! Being acknowledged for my 25 years of service was definitely memorable. The CEO, John Lupton was providing a presentation in our Innovation Space and I was given a token of appreciation (half of which I gave to charity) and acknowledgement in front of all my colleagues. It was a surprise but a nice one.



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Written by Michaela Millar

As an employee owned company, our employees are at the heart of everything that we do. Therefore, each Wednesday over a 12 week period we are sharing interviews with our employee owners. Now in the 8th of our Meet the Owner Profiles, meet George.


Can you please tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I am George Nicoll and I work in the Extrusion department as a machine operator. I have been at Scott & Fyfe for 18 years now and worked in a few different departments including our Flooring POD where we manufacture a stitch bonded and creped paper product for carpet underlay backings and also in our Composite POD where we manufacture glass reinforcement fabrics. Now I work in our Extrusion department.


How does a typical day at Scott & Fyfe look for you?

I work on a shift system varying between day and night shift on our extrusion line. Here I purge the machine, set it up for new runs and then manufacture the product on it. Predominantly we extrude Polypropylene tapes and monofilament which we then use in our own production.


Is there anything others might now know about you?

I am an enhanced skill first aider at Scott & Fyfe and on the Safe Zone bus which I volunteer on. This is a bus which travels around the Dundee area providing medical assistance alongside the police and ambulance service. At the weekends the bus will often be parked outside of the local nightclubs to help vulnerable people who otherwise may end up in A&E and we also cover football and ice hockey games. At one point, over a 20 night period the bus helped 130 people. It is really rewarding.


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Written by Michaela Millar


As an employee owned company our employees are at the heart of everything that we do. Therefore, each Wednesday over a 12 week period we are sharing interviews with our employee owners. Now in the 7th of our Meet the Owner Profiles, meet Wendy.


Can you please tell us a little about yourself and your role at Scott & Fyfe?

Hello, I’m Wendy and I work within Scott & Fyfe’s Composite POD as a knitting operator. On a daily basis my role includes tasks such as setting up the machines to run the different products we produce, to run the fabrics and to ensure that the quality is of a high standard. As well as my standard role, I am also on our Health and Safety team, our Response team and our Risk Assessment team which keeps me very busy!


What type of products do you manufacture on the knitting machines?

We manufacture using both single and double needle bed warp knitting machines which allows us to make a wide variety of products. Some examples include a monofilament core that we knit to use internally as a flow media within our Polymat range of core mat reinforcements. Other products that I knit include our Polyknit Easyform fabric for the knitted hose industry, this is manufactured using glass, aramid or polyester dependent upon the customers’ requirements. I have also been involved in our new product range, Alphashield which is an innovative range of seamless knitted glass, carbon and felt liners for pipeline rehabilitation.


What is your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of my role is the setting up of a new product on the machine, specifically the threading up. This is where we pull all of the ends of yarn through the needles of the machine so that they are in the right route and position. It is a repetitive task and I find it very calming and destressing.


Anything interesting about yourself that others may not know?

I love to keep active and do a lot of cross country running in my spare time. Later this month I am running in the third part of the Winter Cross Country Series, a competition over winter where you run four races against people in your age range. The events are roughly 6 miles each, with plenty of uphill running and going through forests.  After this event, we get an overall score for the four ............. I am looking forward to the finishing line!












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Written by Michaela Millar

Scott and Fyfe are excited to announce their participation at JEC World Composite show in March where they will be promoting the next­ generation of Polymat FR, an all glass core mat for high performance fire retardant applications.


JEC 2016 2


Polymat FR offers improved resin flow characteristics, high conformability and ability to meet the highest level of fire performance such as EN45545-2 making it highly suitable for the manufacture of composite parts in the rail industry.


In addition, they will also be showcasing a full range of glass reinforcements including chopped strand mat (CSM), woven roving (WR), multiaxial non crimp fabrics (NCF), continuous filament mat (CFM) and single and multiend roving.


We invite you to visit our stand, hall 5A booth E16 to discuss how we can improve your competitive advantage.


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