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Written by Michaela Millar

Scott and Fyfe are excited to announce their participation at JEC World Composite show in March where they will be promoting the next­ generation of Polymat FR, an all glass core mat for high performance fire retardant applications.


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Polymat FR offers improved resin flow characteristics, high conformability and ability to meet the highest level of fire performance such as EN45545-2 making it highly suitable for the manufacture of composite parts in the rail industry.


In addition, they will also be showcasing a full range of glass reinforcements including chopped strand mat (CSM), woven roving (WR), multiaxial non crimp fabrics (NCF), continuous filament mat (CFM) and single and multiend roving.


We invite you to visit our stand, hall 5A booth E16 to discuss how we can improve your competitive advantage.


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Written by Michaela Millar


Over the following weeks we will continue to introduce you to the owners at Scott & Fyfe – the employees!

Therefore, each Wednesday we will be sharing one to one interviews with 12 of our employee owners so that you can get to know us a little better.

This week we are pleased to introduce you to Iain Greig in the fifth of our meet the owner, employee profiles.


Can you please tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I currently run the Coating Department working as team leader to ensure that everything is running well within the department. Simply put, our coating plant is an extrusion / laminating process, working by applying a layer of polymer over materials of various widths for adhesion and coating purposes.


How long have you worked at Scott and Fyfe?

I have worked here for 22 years in a few different roles. I began as a spool cutter in our extrusion plant and worked there for a year before moving onto beaming. Since then, I have worked in coating learning constantly and building my experience.


What changes have you seen whilst at Scott and Fyfe?

When the company become employee owned I was unsure of what it meant and if it would be a positive thing for Scott & Fyfe. However, little by little I can see progress and believe that in years to come we will be able to see the company develop much more.


There has also been a massive change in our production within the company due to employee ownership and our innovation culture. This has directly impacted upon me in my role as nowadays there is much more freedom. The experience and expertise of the machine operators and team leaders like myself are taken on board as we have lots of ideas on what will work best and most efficiently.


Is there anything interesting about your time at S&F that others may not know?

I have an identical twin, Kieron who also works for the company. We sometimes pull pranks on our colleagues pretending to be the other. Sometimes we pull it off but nowadays it is harder to convince people!

Another memorable moment and definitely a highlight for me was when a whole load of us went to watch our colleague Brian Roberts charity skydive for his birthday. He is petrified of heights and the video footage of him before, during and after the jump is hilarious.

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Written by Michaela Millar

At Scott & Fyfe we are always seeking ways to improve the products and services we offer. Therefore, this year our Composite POD held an anonymous survey with their customers in order to find out how they rate us.  


First of all, we would like to thank all of those who participated! Your honest feedback was truly appreciated and provided us with great insights which we have begun to use to improve our services further. The results are summarised below:  


  •  100% of customers are satisfied overall with S&F
  •  100% of customers believe that S&F products provide value for money
  •    95% of customers believe that S&F products meet their requirements
  •    93% of customers believe that S&F products are of a very high quality
  •    96% of customers believe that S&F are responsive to their queries / concerns


We are always open to feedback so if you have any questions / suggestions then please get in touch with the team. They would love to hear from you!

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Written by Michaela Millar

We are pleased to announce that we are introducing several new products to our growing range of standard and innovative reinforcement materials for the composite industry. These products will be launched at Advanced Engineering UK which is to be held in the Birmingham NEC on the 4th and 5th of November.

The new products include:

  • Polymat FR a new design offering superior resin flow and fire retardance
  • An extension to the Polyform range of glass NCF’s
  • Polyform CFM, continuous filament mat for pultrusion and RTM processes
  • Polyform CSM, chopped strand mat in both emulsion and powder versions
  • Polyrov a range of direct and spray up rovings 


In addition, we will be promoting our full portfolio of products from the market-leading Polymat range to PolyCarb, a range of specialised carbon tapes.

Please come and visit us on stand G171 to learn more about our products and how Scott & Fyfe can offer your business real competitive advantage.

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