With innovation, diversity and partnership at the heart of our company’s ethos, Scott & Fyfe have been designing and producing a vast range of technical textiles for numerous market areas worldwide for almost 150 years.

Our ability to design and manufacture products for both current and future market needs have allowed us to build a global reputation for excellence in both quality and service.

Based in Scotland, we are global providers of innovative textiles solutions. Currently covering a variety of markets, we offer product ranges that include:

  • Stitch bonding and warp knitted fabrics which include Textron for rubber underlay backing
  • Loop fabric for the technical and abrasive manufacturing industry
  • Advanced glass fibre reinforcement materials for the FRP industry
  • Woven fabrics for agricultural applications
  • Knitted fabrics and 3D spacer fabrics for the automotive industry

Our Vision

We want to transform your conceptual ideas into commercial innovations.

In order to survive we have to plan ahead and be diverse, take risks and stand out from the crowd. The methods that we use in product development and planning for the future have allowed us to sustain the business; this will allow us to grow new business opportunities and delve into new market areas effectively.

Values Innovation Employee Ownership

Who we are

Business and Development

If there is one thing that has made the difference between survival and success, we believe it is our passion for the potential of industrial textiles and our proven expertise in pioneering new applications for the comprehensive range of materials with which we now work.

With experienced textile technicians and design engineers, our design and development team can offer the practical, commercially driven project management skills essential to meeting the demands of our blue chip customer base, from rapid prototyping through to total technical quality assurance at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Our ability to work closely with our customers to obtain unique product solutions is achieved by understanding our customers’ requirements and developing real partnerships. This is further supported by the close working relationships we have established with leading suppliers.

Our Site - Innovation Space and Museum

John Swinney, Minister for Finance, Enterprise & Sustainability, opened the novel space in November 2012. The custom-designed reception area, innovation space and museum were created within a previous derelict factory space. These facilities were developed as part of a competition in conjunction with interior design students from The Glasgow School of Art and a graduate intern from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

The Museum shows the bank of knowledge, expertise and commitment – the company’s heritage since its foundation in 1864. It explains the development of our company, our methods of working and our future vision in a visual and easy-to-follow style. The museum timeline shows a clear outline of the developments made and directions chosen and was created and implemented by team members.

Our innovation space is a modern and open plan area where all staff are based. This enhances communication and the working environment. We now have individual areas for each of our markets allowing our Business Managers and team to work creatively and effectively. The area is brightly coloured and has Astroturf on the ground, which gives it a more relaxed and creative atmosphere. We have an innovation tree which has our products encased in Perspex leaves to showcase and celebrate all successful new product developments, the tree symbolising the growth of the company.



At Scott & Fyfe we have an extensive range of equipment with modification possibilities and developments.

Our facilities include:

  • Extrusion Lines
  • Warp Knitting: Double and Single Needle Bed
  • Weaving
  • Stitch Bonding
  • Re-rolling and Slitting
  • Multiaxial Weft Insertion
  • Coating and Lamination Facilities

Contact us to find out how we can make your product.

The Right People

Some of the initiatives that are in place at Scott & Fyfe demonstrate our desire to place people at the heart of our future focussed activities.

The future workforce needs a continuing admixture of skill, creativeness and knowledge with an assortment of backgrounds, opinions and nationalities. We are keen to recruit interns and staff members from design graduate backgrounds and people from unlikely places; energy and eagerness to learn come before a crowded CV.

Many of our workers have worked with the company since they left school; they are good role models and teachers for the newer employees and we need to ensure that their skills are retained. By restructuring and training the workforce we will increase production capabilities and flexibility in the different areas of our business.

Employee ownership means that all share in the successes of the company; we shall build on this renewed ethos which underlines collaboration, enthusiasm, energy and partnership working.

Diversifying to Survive

We have rapidly altered our organisational structures, working practices, physical premises, created new teams and introduced new talent and techniques in our determination to transform an introverted, declining, traditional, family owned business into a dynamic, growth orientated, sustainable, employee owned, enterprise with innovation, diversity and partnership at its heart.


With a dedicated Quality Assurance team we have the facilities and knowledge to work to automotive standards along with our company accreditation to ISO9001:2008. We also implement Statistical Process Control for continuous improvement and product conformity and test to national, international, industry and customer standards.

Through our fully equipped validation facilities and scientific testing equipment we support our customers product requirements with a comprehensive range of tests including tensile, compression and flexural testing. Our high quality standards are maintained through sustained investment and sourcing of only the best and most competitive suppliers.


At Scott & Fyfe we believe in the failing fast approach introduced by Glasgow School Of Art. This method allows prototypes to be developed quickly and efficiently in order to learn, alter and succeed. It allows us to get to failures quicker and learn from them for the future.

We have a strong prototype procedure and team committed to pushing through products as quickly as possible. In 2013 we managed to average completing a prototype a day. Our prototyping team is getting better and stronger and this success will continue to flourish in the future.


We understand you

We have the experience to understand exactly what you need and how to make it happen. We don't work for you; we work with you and create a lasting relationship. The expertise of our team means we can develop the perfect solution...and fast!

We want to make your day easier

We want to make your product and improve the speed of the process. Time and cost are vital to all industries and companies so we aim to impress you with our speed of turn around and competitive pricing. We believe in the failing fast approach to prototyping, failing faster in order to succeed quicker!

Innovation Is Key

We have unique tools and resources to solve your problems quickly, effectively and uniquely. Visit our innovation section to find out more or come and visit the innovation space to see for yourself!

POD Structure

To exploit the skills and techniques learned from Glasgow School Of Art the decision was made to restructure the company to work more efficiently to develop new innovative ideas.

Previously the company had a sales and marketing department that worked across all market areas. Now there are separate PODs (business units) with a POD Business Manager for each market area with supporting employee groups called PADs (service units) i.e.purchasing, marketing, IT, testing, production, distribution, accounting.

Leadership is entrusted to each POD Business Manager to look after their market area and customer base, making their own decisions based on discussions with their multi-function team. Decisions of higher value would be presented to the board of directors before being granted. The company now works with a top down approach. The PODs are at the top and the board at the bottom, capturing any decisions that cannot be made by the POD business manager. This structure allows quicker decision-making.

The Innovation Space within Scott & Fyfe houses the individual PODs which are all brightly and individually coloured sectioned areas. This allows the POD Business Manager and their team to have a space that they can nurture new ideas for each market. They each have interactive facilities - white boards, mind mapping areas and technical equipment. This lay-out allows us to work in a set-up that sparks collaboration, new ideas and inspiration. Our office space is now open plan which allows POD Business Managers and PAD services to interact more easily and more productively.

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About Us

With innovation, diversity and partnership at the heart of our company’s ethos, Scott & Fyfe have been designing and producing a vast range of technical textiles for numerous market areas worldwide for almost 150 years. Our ability to design and manufacture products for both current and future market needs have allowed us to build a global reputation for excellence in both quality and service.

Scott & Fyfe
Tayport Works, Links Road, Tayport, Fife, Scotland

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